Meet your presenter

Hello, and a very warm welcome from me Paul Harvey your presenter and the co-founder of Weald Pod Radio.

I live in the Weald and love the area. Having strong ties with local communities I've noticed the effect that the last three lockdowns has had on people and businesses and wanted to do something about it.

Having enjoyed a successful career in national and local TV and radio, online and print - we decided to create a new kind of medium, that people and businesses can connect through, which we’ve called “pod radio”.

Weald Pod Radio is a combination of a fortnightly radio highlights show and a podcast. The full show, which can be streamed or downloaded, includes conversations with local celebrities, unsung heroes and business leaders as well as music and local updates. Because the full show is in podcast format you can also access it from all major podcast platforms,

Each of the topic segments from the full show is also available to listen to individually.

We have big dreams and we want to expand the show to maybe even becoming a full radio station one day. We also want to develop it hand-in-hand with you, our listeners, to keep the content entertaining, fresh and interesting.

So, if you have a story to tell, a subject you know lots about or you just want to get in touch with us to share your ideas, we’d love to hear from you!